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Today's Show » Faith in Congress

3 years, 1 month ago
Months ago, Wilkow had a guest on his show that represented a South Carolina district in the US Congress who went on and on with Andrew about the NLRB picking on Boeing and their plant in SC. It was clear from the discussion that neither Wilkow or the Congressman (Tim Scott, I believe) had even read the NLRB complaint, as both were way off the mark in what the NLRB was doing there. Now, I know in the day and age of Reps Weiner, Brown, Lee, Wu, Foley, etc. etc... not reading the document you're supposedly outraged over seems pretty benign, but these are the people that remain in Congress, and are still asked to consider some pretty important things for Americans. Today, Wilkow's guest showed that partisan politics on a politically 'friendly' radio program will get a Congressman to say just about anything -- thinking it goes unchecked.... Louie Gohmert said, among other things, that the rules of Obamacare don't apply to the office of the Speaker of the House (even Wilkow seemed amazed). When asked to confirm, Gohmert said it again... twice. As you might expect, that's not true at all. No where in the PPACA does it say that the law doesn't apply to the Speaker of the House and Staff. The only mention of "exemptions" on insurance and medical service requirements for government entities are Titles 13, 19 and 21 of the SSA, and any federal medical program (other than insurance) authorized by federal law -- such as the armed forces, the Office of the Attending Physician to Congress, etc. Gohmert has a history of just blurting stuff out without anything to back it up, so this will likely go un-noticed.... But, it does make you wonder what type of people we're sending to represent us.
3 years, 1 month ago
Also, as an illustration of the depth of knowledge Andrew possesses on the PPACA, Wilkow once again asked why the unions are so quick to get waivers to Obamacare... Now, I'm not sure if he's just saying that because he expects his listeners to have a shallow understanding of what the waivers are for, or if he simply doesn't know himself... For those caring, the waivers are temporary and only fill the gap between now and 2013 for low cost, large group insurance coverage requirements. A waiver allows your plan to continue providing only the same limited coverage at the same low cost, until this coverage is no longer necessary. Also, unions are hardly the only takers on these waivers.... large employers, not-for-profits, states, local munis, etc make up a majority of the requests.

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