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Today's Show » Wilkow - Wrong on GM.... again....

3 years ago
After hearing Obama declare that GM was 'back on top', Wilkow nearly had a coronary trying to deny what is, actually, a fact. General Motors IS the top car maker in the world (most sales in 2011). That is one of those 'facts' that Wilkow always pretends HE has... Wilkow tried to discount this fact by claiming that the government is still 'subsidizing' GM by buying their products -- including the ludicrious, out-of-his-own-ass claim that the Department of Homeland Security was directed to buy GM and Chrysler products... (no proof of that, of course). What Wilkow should do is read these posts and learn something... Like the FACT that GM's retail versus fleet sales are pretty much in line with what they were before the bankruptcy (75-80% RETAIL, 20-25% Fleet). No government propping up here. Of course, Ford's fleet sales are even greater than GM's... and Chrysler's... Finally, considering that 'fleet' doesn't necessarily mean 'federal government' (in fact, it's a relatively small portion), and includes rental companies, transportation companies (taxis), corporations, etc. The fact that GM sold more than 9 million vehicles, a full million more than their next closest competitor (VW at 8 million), and an overwhelming majority of those were not to the federal government, I'd say it's pretty clear that GM is on top. I'll await anything Wilkow can actually produce to break this argument....
3 years ago

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