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Today's Show » Whoops... Call screener fail

2 years, 10 months ago
I love when Wilkow gets beat on the air. Today it was a caller who pointed out that we've always increased FEDERAL government employment during recessions. Reagan did it, and Bush did it. Obama has not. Wilkow flipped from it being a case of Reagan and a ham sandwich to Reagan having a Democratic Congress to deal with... As Wilkow searched for a defense. Apparently, he doesn't think Obama has a Congress to deal with. If his sorry answer to that is that Obama had a 'friendly Congress in his first two years, Bush had a friendly Congress for his first six years. When the caller also pointed out that the tax rate is the lowest under Obama than it has been through our other recessions, Wilkow babbled about State tax rates (??) until he thanked the caller and adjusted the tail between his legs. Good radio...

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