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Today's Show » Rant during breaks who is it?

5 years, 1 month ago
Greetings all llllonggg time listener, crazy right wing Veteran Nut Job here. Anyways, listening today and heard in between the idiot arguing with Andrew about social security who thought that if the Supreme Court said ok to it that rape was OKIE DOKIE...moron. So as it goes to break I heard a clip of someone talking about taking our taxes to pay for drugs, killing babies and wont stop etc, who is that and what its from anyone know?
5 years ago
I did hear that, and wondered what was going on. But I thought my Sirius programming was a little screwy earlier today. I swore I heard segments of the Mike Church Show twice. I kept checking to see if I had accidentally recorded it and played it back, but that wasn't the case. So I'm guessing it was some technical malfunction and the rant may not have even happened today.
5 years ago
I think the ranter was actually the pastor of a church. Andrew/Rizzuto!! Who's the ranter?? He sounds like he's on OUR side!!
5 years ago
Yeah hap thats why I asked because he sounds like he is on our side. Be nice if it was a pastor and he is preaching good stuff in a church like that vs the filth that came out of the Obamasiah's "Church"
5 years ago
I believe the person in question is James David Manning, a Pastor in Harlem, IIRC. You can see the rant I think the sound byte was taken from here:

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