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The Wilkow Majority » 5 books that every conseravite should read

5 years ago
I dont remember if this guest host was on the wilkow show or Mike church, but he (I think it was Cam Edwards) and another person was going over their list of the top five books that every conservative should read. does anyone have that list?
5 years ago
Liberty and Tyranny; Mark Levin Going Rogue; Sarah Palin Guilty; Ann Coulter Catastrophe; Dick Morris Culture of Corruption; Michelle Maulkin Honorable mentions: Power to the People; Laura Ingraham The Forgotten Man; Amity Shlaes Reagan's Secret War; Martin Anderson Treason; Ann Coulter They Think you're Stupid; Herman Cain
5 years ago
conservetives can't read, we're dumb remember, the liberals own the intellectual crown right?
5 years ago
How about Barry Goldwater's work? Conscience Of A Conservative, I believe is the name.
5 years ago
since I am a conservative I need pictures or a comic book format. maybe my liberal friend can read it to me.
5 years ago
The first book on the list should be Atlas Shrugged.
5 years ago
One book that would be on my list is Mere Christianity by CS Lewis.
5 years ago
The illustrated edition of 1776 by David McCullough. Aside from it's really cool packaging and included replicas of reference documents, it's a lesson in leadership, principles and sacrifice that is quite inspiring.
5 years ago
Liberty and Tyranny, Rich Dad Poor Dad, Complete Money Makeover, Batman: Return of the Dark Knight, Star Wars: Heir to the Empire! Don't care if the last 2 are comic books.
5 years ago
The Age of Reason by Thomas Paine. Straight-forward, rational thought.
5 years ago
George Washington's War, by Robert Leckie; Conscience Of A Conservative, Goldwater; The Savage Wars Of Peace, Max Boot; The Informant, Kurt Eichenwald; Men In Black/Liberty And Tyranny, Levin. No special order; The Informant, to help remind some conservatives of the vices that come with the great good of democracy and the capitalist system.
5 years ago
The Law - by Frederic Bastiat Bastiat - "The Law" "Law, The" - Bastiat (french statesman) Oh - did I mention "The Law" by Bastiat? Seriously, this concise and to the point book is indispensable to clear thinking about the proper role of Just government. Enjoy:)
4 years, 12 months ago
unintended consequences john ross

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