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Wednesday, August 05 2009

Show Guests

Senator Jim DeMint
President of The Heritage Foundation. Heritage.Org

Tom DeLay
Thomas Dale DeLay (born April 8, 1947) is a former member of the United States House of Representatives from Sugar Land, Texas. He was House Majority Leader 2003–2005, when his high profile legal problems forced him to step down, and is a prominent member of the Republican Party.

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Reading List

So Obama voters…how do ya feel now?
Obama: Read my lips…no new taxes.
Once again, it is NOT OK to target the first daughters.
Russian subs off US coast. And you though Iran and North Korea were testing Obama.
U.S. consumers spared big costs in climate bill…
…except the 20% hike in energy prices by 2030
Gov’t insurance would allow coverage for abortion.
Awesome! Four of Top ‘Clunkers’ Model Purchases Are Foreign!

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