Pres. Trump Warns Foreign Firms to End Business with Iran

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  • Brandon WebbFormer Navy SEAL Brandon Webb served over thirteen years active duty service.  Most of his time was spent as a SEAL, but he served briefly as an Aviation Warfare Systems Operator (AW) Helicopter/SAR swimmer before completing Basic Underwater Demolition SEAL (BUD/S) training with class 215.  His career involved combat deployments to both Iraq and Afghanistan. After his last deployment with SEAL TEAM THREE, he worked at the Naval Special Warfare Group One (NSWG1) Sniper Cell, then finished up his last assignment as the Naval Special Warfare Command Sniper Course Manager. The intense three month long US Navy SEAL sniper program is one of the best courses in the world.  As Course Manager, Brandon Webb graduated over 300 SEAL sniper students. Graduates of the course include Chris Kyle, the most decorated sniper in US SOCOM (250+ confirmed kills) and his good friend Marcus Luttrell, author of Lone Survivor. After the Teams, Brandon swapped his primary weapon for a MacBook Pro and took up writing and entrepreneurship.  Today, Brandon Webb is the CEO of Force12 Media, co-author with Glen Doherty of Navy SEAL Sniper: An Intimate Look at the Sniper of the 21st Century, and author of The Red Circle and Among Heroes. As a New York Times bestselling author, Brandon Webb is regularly featured in international media as a military and Special Operations subject matter expert. He has contributed to ABC, NBC, FOX, CNN, BBC, SIRIUS XM, MSNBC, The San Diego Union Tribune and The New York Times. You can check out his personal website at
  • Congressman Lee ZeldinU.S. Representative of New York's 1st Congressional District.
  • Eric EggersResearch Director for Government Accountability Institute. Author of the book, "Fraud: How the Left Plans to Steal the Next Election"

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