Ron Hosko

May 10, 2017

Democrats Wanted Comey Fired, Trump Fires Comey, Democrats Upset that Comey was Fired

Listen to today’s segment with Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge (Audio Below)
May 3, 2017

Hillary Emerges from Her Lair to Promote an Upcoming Book & Blame Others for Her Election Loss

Listen to Andrew’s interview with Navy SEAL Rob O’Neill (Audio Below)
March 31, 2017

Venezuela’s Socialists Annul National Congress & Go Full-On Dictatorship

Click here to listen to a portion of Andrew’s interview with Rep. Mo Brooks from this week
March 20, 2017

FBI Dir. James Comey Says No Evidence of Obama-Trump Wiretap or Trump Campaign Collusion with Russia

Click here to listen to Andrew’s interview with Roger Stone