Steven A. Sund

UIS WebDev3

30-year law enforcement veteran in Washington D.C., and former Chief of Police of the United States Capitol Police.

Teddy Daniels

Shailja Kaushik

Pro Trump Republican for U.S. Congress, PA 8th Congressional District, Purple Heart, Afghanistan Veteran, Ret. Police Officer, Small Biz Entrepreneur.

Steve Pomper

Shailja Kaushik

Retired Seattle police officer, and the author.

Bernard Kerik

Shailja Kaushik

Bernard Bailey Kerik (born September 4, 1955) is an American former police officer, consultant, and commissioner of the New York Police Department.

Tom Homan

Shailja Kaushik

Tom Homan grew up in West Carthage, New York. He is a career law enforcement officer. He was a police officer, then a Border Patrol Agent, then a Special Agent investigating criminal organizations that smuggle aliens or traffic in females and children.