Elaine Parker

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Elaine Parker is the President at Job Creators Network.

Clay Hutmacher

Andrew Wilkow

Major General (Retired) President / CEO Special Operations Warrior Foundation.

Peter Schweizer

Andrew Wilkow

Peter Schweizer is a 6x New York Times bestselling author and President of the Government Accountabi.

Brandon Judd

Andrew Wilkow

President of the National Border Patrol Council.

Matt Kibbe

Andrew Wilkow

Matthew B. Kibbe is the President and Chief Community Organizer of Free the People.

Tom King

Andrew Wilkow

Tom King is a gun rights activist and member of the NRA Board of Directors.

Jonathan Emord

Andrew Wilkow

A constitutional and administrative lawyer who defends clients against agencies of the federal government.

Lila Rose

Andrew Wilkow

An American anti-abortion activist, founder, and president of the anti-abortion organization Live Action.