Bryan Rotella

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Bryan Rotella

Founder & Managing Partner

Bryan Rotella is Founder & Managing Partner of Genco Legal® - a division of QPWB, and is making a name of himself as The A.I. Defense Lawyer™ protecting companies of all sizes and their leaders in the transformational landscape of A.I. and it's use in business. His mission is for businesses and business leaders to experience the feeling of having their own lawyer, always thinking of how to protect them from their worst day and making sure they are prepared for success on their best day.

The service Bryan has embodied that sets apart how GenCo lawyers practice is The Four R’s™, where lawyers are empowered to build lasting relationships with everyone on a client’s team through best-in-class relationship building skills. No messages are left without a response, out of office does not mean a client’s issues are out of a lawyer’s mind, no problem is without potential solutions to offer, and no deliverable deserves less than full commitment.

Bryan looks forward to connecting and encouraging you and your business to experience the feeling of having your own lawyer. He’s confident you’ll never look at your lawyers and legal issues the same.