Coach Micheal Burt

Drew Juen

Coach Micheal Burt is considered “America’s Coach,” a unique blend of a former championship basketball coach combined with a deep methodology of inner-engineering people to produce at a higher level in the business world. Coach Burt found his unique voice early in life at the age of 15 by starting his basketball coaching career with a junior pro basketball team.

"Coach Micheal Burt consistently helps entrepreneurs and sales professionals increase their annual revenue by up to 40% in a one-year cycle. He makes sales, leadership, and business growth easy to understand and inspires immediate action with a simple process. He delivers content in a dynamic and intense manner that challenges the participants in a way that only a championship coach can. How valuable is a person with incredible potential but lacks drive and adequate knowledge? A good coach cultivates all four parts of a person’s nature by activating their body, mind, heart, and spirit. No one is better at developing the "whole person" than Coach Micheal Burt."