Jim Marter

Drew Juen

Jim is an executive entrepreneur with 32 years’ experience in Information Technology, Project Management, and Business Process Implementation. He has managed multi-million dollar projects with oversight in all phases of business process. His specialty is manufacturing companies’ Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Quality Management implementations. His practice crosses diverse industries including: Electronics, Automotive, Energy producers, Chemical / Process, Plastic Packaging, Office Products and Retail, Construction Equipment, Agriculture, and Foundries / Railroad Products. Jim’s success is a result of his hands-on approach, listening to all levels of staff from factory line to C-Suite. He has crossed Illinois, the United States, and worked internationally garnering an intrinsic knowledge to negotiate and then execute complex, efficient, re-engineering of work process, new technologies and software. His talents include blending the complexities of finance incorporating conscious capitalism, worker value, and American ideals.