Joe Collins

Drew Juen

Joe Collins is a 13 1/2-year Navy Veteran from South Central LA. He grew up on 104th and Normandie, and knows this district all too well; Extreme amounts of Homelessness, Crime, Lack of Quality Education, and High Gang Activity.

While Joe was a freshman in high school, he and his family were at his Grandfathers Church in South Central LA one Sunday afternoon. Meanwhile, a drive-by shooting was happening outside of their home. Upon returning, they found that bullets had made their way through the windows and into the cushions of the family sofa.

This was the moment that Joe Collins’ mother decided for her children, that would change their lives forever. She decided to move her family to a rural outside of Dallas Texas (Joe’s mother is still a teacher in the suburbs of Dallas).

After finishing high school in Texas, Joe made the most important decision of his life; Joe Collins joined the U.S. Navy.