Kristin Tate

Andrew Wilkow

Kristin Tate is an author and columnist focused on taxation and federal spending. Her latest book, The Liberal Invasion of Red State America, will be published by Regnery Publishing in January 2020. She is currently a Robert Novak Journalism Fellow at the Fund for American Studies, examining the size and scope of the federal workforce.

Kristin writes a weekly column for The Hill Newspaper, which is featured often on Real Clear Politics, The Drudge Report, and national cable news networks. She also serves as an analyst for the nonprofit Young Americans for Liberty, advising the organization in its mission to promote limited government and fiscal responsibility.

Books by Kristin Tate

  • book-image-how-do-i--tax-thee-by-kristin-tate
  • book-image-government-gone-wild-by-kristin-tate