Nicholas Giordano

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Nicholas Giordano


Nicholas Giordano is a professor of Political Science, the host of The P.A.S. Report Podcast, and a fellow at Campus Reform’s Higher Education Fellowship. With 2 decades of teaching experience and over a decade of experience in the emergency management/homeland security arena, Professor Giordano is regularly called on to speak about issues related to government, politics, and international relations.

Professor Giordano lends his knowledge and experience to the national conversation and appears on television, radio, and podcasts. His work has also been published in multiple outlets, including Campus Reform, the NY Post, The Federalist, The Washington Times, The Epoch Times, and others.

His passion is evident and drove him to start The P.A.S. Report Podcast. The P.A.S. Report Podcast has become one of the top conservative podcasts in the industry. Sick of an activist media industrial complex that wants to dictate what to think, Professor Giordano began the Podcast because of his ability to break down complex political issues and explain those issues in a way that appeals to everyday Americans.