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New York Times bestselling author. "The Reaper" within the Special Operations Community after a successful deployment as a Sniper Squad Leader, eliminating over 33 enemy combatants (probables unknown) within a 3 1/2 month deployment to Afghan.A former 3rd Ranger Battalion Sniper, Nicholas Irving was called by his fellow peers simply, "Reaper". He earned this title after a single 3 1/2 month deployment as a sniper squad leader to Afghanistan where he was credited with over 33 enemy kills (probables unknown). Not only was this such a high amount of enemy kills within his Battalion as a direct action sniper, Nicholas Irving was also the first African American sniper to serve in 3rd Ranger Battalion.

Some of Nicholas Irving accomplishments include:

US Army Ranger School
US Army Sniper School
Sniper Squad Leader (3rd Ranger Battalion)
Sniper Team Leader (3rd Ranger Battalion)
ARCOM with "V" device (3rd Ranger Battalion Sniper)
High Angle Precision Rifle Course (3rd Ranger Battalion)
Long Range Precision Rifle Course (3rd Ranger Battalion)
International Sniper Competition
Revised the 3rd Ranger Battalions Sniper training

Nicholas Irving is currently an instructor in South Texas where he instructs a a wide range of students in the art of precision shooting. He is also the CEO and founder of HardShoot©.

Books by Nick Irving

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