Rep. Kevin Hern

Shailja kaushik

Rep. Kevin Hern


Born on an Air Force Base, Kevin gained an early appreciation for the sacrifices that military families make. In high school, Kevin earned an Architectural Drafting Certificate at a Career Technology school, which he used to work and pay for his Engineering degree. Later in life, he earned his MBA.

After undergrad, Kevin went on to work as an Aerospace Engineer for Rockwell International. When the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster rocked the aerospace industry, Kevin was out of work. He began saving to purchase his first McDonald’s Restaurant by starting and operating small business ventures: writing computer programs to automate tasks for businesses, real estate, and even hog farming.

In addition to McDonald’s, Kevin has been a very successful entrepreneur in the areas of banking, manufacturing, real estate development, multiple technology companies, and sports publishing.

He uses his vast experiences to help aspiring entrepreneurs create new businesses so they can pursue their American Dream.