Rep. Nick Langworthy

Drew Juen

Rep. Nick Langworthy

U.S. Representative

Congressman Nick Langworthy grew up in the small and tight knit community of South Dayton, New York. After helping at his father’s small business in Jamestown, he quickly learned the value of a hard day’s work and how the role of government can either help or hurt business.

After graduating from Pine Valley Central School, Congressman Langworthy attended Niagara University where he committed to a life of public service and eventually went and served in the district office of former Congressman Tom Reynolds and former Congressman Chris Lee where he built a first-class constituent services team that served the people of Western New York. Congressman Langworthy most recently served as New York Republican State Committee Chairman where he lead the way for the biggest Republican lawmaker gains in recent memory and delivered the majority to the U.S. House of Representatives.

Congressman Langworthy took his oath of office for his first term in January 2023 to represent the 23rd Congressional District which consists of the community he grew up in and the communities he served. He is honored to have been appointed to serve on three committees for the 118th Congress – Committee on Agriculture, Committee on Oversight and Accountability, and Committee on Rules.