Tanya Weinreis

Andrew Wilkow

Tanya Weinreis

Small business owner

Tanya Weinreis is an American entrepreneur and coffee shop owner. Her coffee shop was the first small business in Montana to qualify for a PPP loan—keeping jobs and paychecks intact for her 50 employees!

She was one of the RNC speakers who praised President Trump with all of her heart in the Republican National Convention.
The four-night convention which started on Monday will end on the 27th of August.

Moreover, Tanya is the owner of a coffee shop in Montana, Mountain Mudd Espresso. Her mother started the business of coffee, which she inherited and has been serving coffee to her customers for more than 2 decades. Her brand, Mountain Mudd Espresso has been standing for more than 25 years. Well, thanks to Donald Trump and his federal loan signed for the coronavirus relief package.