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Tiffany Gabbay


Tiffany Gabbay serves as Editor-in-Chief for Comrade Digital Marketing, a web marketing agency dedicated to solving its clients’ most pressing marketing challenges. Tiffany spearheads the editorial strategy for Comrade and its clients and oversees the production of high value marketing copy designed to inform, delight, and above all, enlighten readers. The principle of journalistic integrity underpins all her work, be it producing high value marketing copy or scripting a nightly news monologue. She believes readers deserve to be engaged through good storytelling, but also informed with facts.

Tiffany is a seasoned journalist and communications professional with two decades of experience working with media outlets, private sector companies, and nonprofit organizations and policy centers. Prior to joining Comrade, her expertise lent value to media notables like Gannett and The Blaze, as well as media start-ups FrontPage Magazine, The Tower, and Rebel Media. Organizations in which she served in leadership capacities include The London Center for Policy Research, The Center for Security Policy, The Center for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting, NANEVA Software Corporation, SPARQ Global Cybersecurity Solutions, and the Tribeca Film Institute’s Disruptor Foundation.

A skilled writer, editor, producer and on-air talent, Tiffany produced and guest-hosted nationally syndicated radio programs and hosted a bi-weekly special report program for Toronto-based digital media outlet, where she also served as managing editor overseeing a 20-person editorial team. During her time at the outlet, Tiffany also created a range of successful digital video programs and podcasts, scouted new talent and wrote monologues, special reports and documentary scripts.